Yateley's community magazine

April cover"around Yateley" magazine is a free and inclusive community publication, staffed by volunteers. Free means that no individual or organisation is charged for inclusion and no contributor or proprietor will be paid for their contributions, while secure in the knowledge that they own all creative and intellectual rights to their work and receive due acknowledgement. Inclusive means that access to the publication and all its supplements will be made freely available online and as hard copies regularly deposited for reference in designated areas as decided by the membership.

Membership of "around Yateley" currently consists of its contributors and readers, with each having equal voting rights at the Annual General Meeting held in November each year. "around Yateley" seeks no funding, issues no invoices and is currently free of costs to the community it serves.

Where can the magazine be found?

The magazine is published on or before the 1st of each month on issuu.com. Once access to the site is established, search for "Yateley".

As well as the 12 monthly issues each year we also publish certain "Special Editions", so far in 2016 we have published a special 72pp edition covering Saturday's Gig on the Green and a 44pp edition covering the Sunday Rewind concert. In addition we plan an Autumn Business edition, covering those businesses in and around Yateley that wish to participate.

The latest issue

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